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What to consider in your next Startup Explainer Video?

Startup explainer videos have the power to engage and build a strong and lasting relationship with customers. Startups can really benefit from incorporating explainer videos into their digital marketing strategies.

Startup explainer videos help startups attract early adopters, convince investors, and build a wider customer base.

Animated explainers have a higher chance of going viral than blogs or articles. The process of publishing an explainer video is exciting as it unleashes creativity and increases the probability of success.

Here are a few tips and tricks for an ideal start up video.

Startup explainer videos are Brief

It’s crucial to keep the explainer video brief. The video content should ideally be less than one minute. Modern consumer attention spans have been decreasing significantly over the years, so digital marketers must be conscious of the change and be concise.

Shorter explainer videos are more memorable and have a higher chance of retaining customer attention for the entire length of the video.

The duration of the video is key, as videos that are too long will bore people who will end up scrolling past them on their feed.

Startup explainer videos
Startup Explainer Videos

Startup explainer videos Are Simple

All that is simple is genius. A good startup explainer video should be simplified to a level that the general public can understand.

Simplicity plays a vital role in information presentation; it allows the video to be more digestible for consumers. A simple explainer video communicates the essential ideas a brand wants to portray in a more effective way.

Startup explainer videos are Specific

A startup explainer video must be specific and avoid unnecessary elements in the script or voice-over. It’s preferable to keep the content straight-forward while combining it with exciting storytelling effects and visuals.

Startups must remain minimalistic yet impressive in their explainer videos for their businesses to shine. Some startups need explainer video companies to help them find a balance between telling a great story and being specific in their content.

Startup explainer videos are great to introduce your business

Startups need explainer videos to make their brand recognizable and build a customer base. Their explainer content needs to have set primary brand colors and a logo to be added at the end of each video.

Some startups even make their own sonic branding and use it in explainer videos. Sonic branding is creating a special sound which the brand uses in its animated explainer video and other audio marketing material. It gives the company its own unique sound.

Startup explainer Videos display both Problem and Solution

Startup explainer videos need to demonstrate a clear definition of the customers’ problem and portray the product as the ultimate solution. This problem-solution style builds the product’s value and illustrates how the target customer can benefit from it.

The problem an explainer video is tackling can be described in a playful or humorous manner. The problem should showcase the so-called negative scenario of the customer’s journey before introducing a product.

This is immediately followed by a positive scenario where the customer prevents, avoids or solves the problem with the help of the startup’s product or service.

A powerful contrasting comparison stresses the product’s value and builds credibility for the brand.


Call-to-action is necessary not only for startup explainer videos, but for every piece of marketing content. Startups must always include a call-to-action in their animated explainer videos.

Call-to-action is quite engaging, so startups must remember to also ask prospects to follow their brand on social media, visit the startup’s website, check the online store, or perform any other action that the startup wants the customers to do next.

Although some startups might shy away from call-to-action, incorporating a delightful call-to-action at the end of a video is highly encouraging for customers.

However, the rest of the video must be neutral from a promotional perspective.

Startup explainer Videos are Creative

Last but not least, startup explainer videos should be creative and confident enough to be different. The explainer video must align with the startup’s unique product or service.

The previously mentioned recommendations are based on the experience of professional animated explainer video companies.

However, startup owners need to keep in mind that their creative marketing path is theirs to decide.

Each startup must build its way up with enough bravery to go beyond everything that has been done before.

Startups represent the spirit of the youth in business, and each startup owner can find a different approach to explainer videos to match that spirit as well as their vision of the business.

Startup owners should dare to be different, making sure that their content stands out from the crowd. If you need help getting up on your feet, contact VerveVideos.com today!