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The Right Explainer Video Company!

Congratulations! You are finally convinced that you need an explainer video on your website to get your name out there. Your company had already set the budget and researched, but somehow the information is random. Of course, no business has time to waste on an Analysis Paralysis while choosing the right explainer video production company. We don’t want you to get lost trying to find the perfect golden fish in the ocean.
There are many out there, but you need to find the right explainer video company for your purpose. For that, you need to swipe left and cross out many others using the right process. However, this is not Tinder. Where to start? What to do?

Considerations in Getting the Right Explainer Video Company

The business aiming at creating an amazing explainer video needs to focus on three main points: Filter, Pitch, and Finally Pick! You can call it the FPFP method, and it’s a process you can blindly dive into if you don’t want to spend an eternity finding that fish. You can kiss the Analysis Paralysis goodbye!

The Art of Filtering – Step 1

Let’s start with the art of filtering. If you’ve ever been to a survival camp, chances are you had to filter your own water. You start by removing the big particles and then go for the small ones. This process is applied everywhere! Your budget, cost per minute, sets the first and easiest filtering process. However, cost per minute matters now, but later, when we talk about quality, you will see how the cost per year matters more. Yes, you read that right! To be on the safe side, keep the companies that are around your budget, preferably a bit higher or lower depending on how much you’re able to compromise for quality, the real deal.

The Art of Filtering – Step 2

The second step in filtering is a bit more complicated. Filtering smaller particles should take you deeper in the ocean. This is where you should start checking the companies that you shortlisted, one by one. Reviews, years of experience, and previous work become important. Why do they matter?
1. Reviews will let you know how other end-users responded to the company’s final work so that you are not shocked.
2. The number of years of experience lets you sleep better at night, knowing that there won’t be any delays or something unprecedented and that the agreed budget won’t vary. If they’ve done it for years, keep them. Expertise is golden.
3. Look The numbering at their previous work lets you trust their expertise. For example, if they had worked something similar to your product or brand, the odds are in their favor.
This process will blindly take you to our last filtering step, and the most challenging. It’s about the compromise between quality and price. Quality is very vague, so we need to break it down further into something we can all understand. Now, all the short-listed companies seem like perfect candidates, but who’s right for you?

Important Details to Keep in Mind During the Animated Explainer Video Production Process

As you go through their work, make sure you pick out these small details: color, sound, accent, message conveying, music, and background. These little details matter because your explainer video is on your website, so what you want is a customizable design, special for your brand. Look at their portfolio. You can ask yourself the following while watching their videos: are the colors compatible with the website and brand? Was the message clear from a linguistic and sound perspective? Was the music too loud? Were they as creative as you want them to be? Does their style fit your imagination? Are they flexible with their design, animation, and accents from one video to another? What if you want a male voice with a Southern accent?
We mentioned previously that cost per year matter. Why? Your explainer video will stay there on your website for as long as it keeps benefitting you. Unfortunately, the golden fish has an expiry date, especially when it fails to attract more customers. This is why you need to focus on the quality characteristics and creativity we mentioned.

The Right Explainer Video Company
The Right Explainer Video Company

A Different Approach to Animated Video Creation

However, there is another option. Some companies would like to go for whiteboard videos, depending on the purpose. Whiteboard videos are easier to modify and are not as expensive as the famous animated videos we all know. Here, time matters. If you’re looking for something above 60 seconds, it’s usually better to go for a whiteboard. For longevity purposes, whiteboards are better since they can be modified quicker.
Now that the water is filtered, it’s time to pitch! With the little amount left on the list, you can start asking these companies for their ideas about how they will represent your brand. Throughout this part, there are things to keep in mind. The explainer video should give you their creative ideas, coming from the years of experience that they hold.
Also, you want a professional team that will sit with you to learn about your brand and its guidelines, and then to keep on communicating with you and updating you throughout the design process. While they pitch, you study them. You will learn how they process and think collectively while brainstorming. Pitching is how you test the waters directly with the right explainer video company chosen till now. It’s a good way to see what they will be focusing on the services they offer and what they will compromise.


With this golden treasure map, I wish you an amazing journey to the bottom of the ocean. You just need to go through FPFP while concentrating on the details mentioned above. Your golden fish is out there.
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The Right Explainer Video Company