Training Videos

In an ever-increasing remote work environment, using online video training is a huge asset that enables you to grow your business. Learning, in general, is fundamental for human growth and development, and a major enhancer to workplace education is training videos.

The main challenge that professionals face in the workplace is creating online video training sessions that captivate the audience and entice them to sit up, take notice, and start learning.

The effective use of a training video can be an extremely powerful tool to enhance the overall learning experience.

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What is a Training Video?

A training video educates viewers on a specific topic with the goal of teaching a new skill set or developing and improving an existing skill.

Who Can Benefit from Online Video Training?

Online video training is not only an efficient way to reach out to your business’ customers, but also to engage with your employees as well. Regarding the former, they need to better understand the products and services that your business is offering. What better way to demonstrate how they function by providing a video tutorial? 

By adapting online video training as part of your marketing strategy, you create a more thorough connection with your audience, as the video itself perfectly complements written instructions.

Your employees can greatly benefit from online video training too.

Due to its convenience and the picture-superiority effect, which allows for refresher instruction, videos have been shown to be quite successful. That effect indicates that combining visuals and words together promotes greater information retention and recollection. 

Organically harnessing the skills and optimizing your employees’ output should also be a high-level priority for your business. 

Just like for customers, online video training complements written assignments since they will be able to better maintain their focus on the task at hand through crafty visuals. 

Using online video training is a huge asset that enables you to grow your business. Not only do training videos forge a powerful connection between you, your audience, and your employees, but they can also boost the much-coveted trust factor that allows your business to further grow.

Safety Video Training

There’s no denying that safety video training can be dull, but there are approaches to improve their realism, relatability, and “watchability.” The best part about safety video training sessions is that you can engage personnel without downplaying the significance of workplace safety compliance.

Keep your safety obstacles and situations realistic, or at least discuss ones that are plausible given the scope of employees’ tasks and responsibilities. Efficient safety video training for work safety keeps it relevant enough for employees to use their knowledge in real-world situations.

Keep safety training videos brief and to the point so that employees can quickly fill in any gaps and go back to their jobs. Having said that, some safety training subjects might call for more investigation. In this situation, you may divide the safety video training into a series, with each video focusing on a different aspect or task.

The most memorable learning experiences are those that are personal, and nothing is more personal than testimonials and actual incidents that teach employees from one another’s mistakes. A former incident might be dramatized in your safety video training. 

These anecdotes clearly highlight the value of adherence to workplace safety regulations and demonstrate how violations can have an adverse effect on both employees and the firm as a whole.

Generating personable safety video training for your employees is all about customization. Learning about their interests, cultural backgrounds, and workplace difficulties will help them relate to the story. This gets me to the next insider knowledge point: stick to the story arc.

In your safety video training, a succinct introduction should be followed by a discussion of the challenge and finally the compliance resolution. Of course, this must be accompanied by interesting characters, engrossing dialogue, and visually appealing imagery. 

The objective is to hold your audience’s attention without undermining the practical effectiveness of safety instruction. Since this can be difficult to accomplish, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs and set forth a course of action for your next (set of, fingers crossed) training video!