Training Videos

In an ever-increasing remote work environment, using training videos is a huge asset that enables you to grow your business. Learning in general is fundamental for human growth and development, and training is an integral part of workplace learning. 

The main challenge that learning professionals face in the workplace is creating training programs that captivate the audience and entice them to sit up, take notice, and start learning.

Effective use of video can be an extremely powerful tool to enhance the overall training experience.

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What is a Training Video?

A Training Video educates viewers on a specific topic with the goal of teaching a skill set.

To whom are they aimed?

Training videos are not only an efficient way to reach out to your business’ CUSTOMERS, but to your EMPLOYEES as well. Regarding the former, they need to better understand the products and services that your business is offering. What better way to demonstrate how they function by providing a tutorial? You should keep in mind that the majority of your customers are visual learners.

By adapting training videos as part of your marketing strategy, you create a more thorough connection with your audience, as the video itself perfectly complements written instructions.

Your employees can greatly benefit from training videos.

Videos have been found to be very effective due to their accessibility, and their use as refresher training through a concept called the picture-superiority effect. That effect indicates that combining visuals and words together promotes greater information retention and recall. 

Harnessing the skills and optimizing your workers’ output organically should also be a high-level priority for your business. 

Just like for customers, training videos complement written assignments and increases, and through crafty visuals, they can better maintain their focus on the task at hand. 

Using training videos is a huge asset that enables you to grow your business. Not only they forge a powerful connection between you, your audience, and your employees, but they can boost the much-coveted trust factor that allows your business to further grow.