Business Explainer Video

What Type of Business Explainer Video Does Your Company Need?


We perceive information with all our senses. The key to understanding lies in utilizing as many senses as possible when explaining. That is why many businesses have expertly chosen to add business explainer videos to guarantee maximum comprehension of the purpose and features of their products or services because understanding is the first step in purchasing. Knowing how much an explainer video can benefit your business, the question is not if you should get one made, it is what type of business explainer video does your company need.


Types of Explainer Videos: live action and animated business video

There are many different types of live action and animated videos for business available to match any marketing and business objectives your company has. Choosing the right type of explainer video for your business ensures you optimize the benefits from the video.


Live Action

Live action is an explainer video made by filming outdoors or in a studio using a camera; it is a simple yet powerful type of explainer video. Its strongest advantage is that filming real people in real situations is great for establishing a connection with the viewer and creating relatability. Live action videos are greatly accentuated by a smart script and are ideal for showing real-life examples of satisfied customers for example. Handiemail used this live action explainer video to describe their product and promote it in a very relatable and charming video.


Stop Motion

Stop motion videos are motionless objects or people that are moved and shot frame by frame in series, which makes it seem like they are moving. Stop motion explainer videos have an attractive quality to them and are very satisfying to watch. That makes them excellent for showcasing the uses of a product or demonstrating the steps of using it, which is what Moleskine took advantage of in their animated business video showing the beauty of their notebooks and planners.



2D Animation


2D videos are the most common type of animated video for business. Its appeal lies in its characters and story. Any type of company or organization can benefit from a 2D animated explainer video describing their services. Vervevideos used 2D animation in the city of Mississauga’s campaign leading up to the 2018 provincial elections to highlight the provincial government’s priorities. Using 2D animation in the campaign videos, accentuated by relatable characters and relationships, and subliminal messages incited by the accompanying text made sure all the campaign messages got across to the city’s residents.


3D Animation

Who doesn’t love 3D? 3D animation is perfect for making explainer videos for businesses looking to explain to existing and potential customers how to use their products. The 3D element in an animated business video provides clarity in explanation. Viewers find it very easy to follow instructions when shown in 3D. A product’s appeal can be highlighted using 3D animation, which provides both explanation and promotion. Fuelshaker used this approach successfully in this animated business video.


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is one of the most mesmerizing forms of animation used in making animated business videos. It is great for story-telling using black and white illustrations seemingly drawn by an invisible hand to progress effortlessly through a story. CarePredict used beautifully drawn whiteboard animation in this animated business video to launch their wonderful new product and reach the exact target audience they were seeking.




Just like whiteboard animation uses drawings to capture the viewers’ attention, typography animation does the same thing but with text. A business explainer video can be made entirely of typography animation or it could be incorporated with another type of animation to add visual stimulation to the words. Typography is especially important in videos that have a lot of text, information, or statistics. Numbers are more likely to be remembered if shown in kinetic typography rather than just heard or read. If you think typography is not strong enough in animated videos for business, think again. Accomplished companies like PayPal and Airbnb have employed typography to great effect in explaining how their services are used. Vervevideos used typography in this explainer video for Trucial States entertainment company to promote video advertising, simply by showing an example of a great video.


You can also mix different types of videos and add animation to live footage or incorporate motion graphics elements. If you are still in doubt about which type of business explainer video your company needs, seek professional help to make sure you get the most out of your explainer video. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and get the video-making process started today! is a Canada based animated explainer video production company that has worked with international names including, and Hershey’s. Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop an email [email protected].