Video Marketing Funnel: Delight

At this point, the lifecycle of the marketing stage has reached its end. Your business has already been able to convert a prospect into a buyer and it has generated a sale.

However, you can cement your corporate image and build up brand loyalty with your customers with a fourth stage.

The goal at this stage is to produce video content that favors brand advocacy. Your business must continue to build trust with customers, as they are your biggest advocates. In other words, they continue to support you by referring your brand to other prospects, thus potentially enlarging your customer base and further generates revenues.

There are multiple video formats that can help you do just that:

Upsell Videos

After your customer made the decision to purchase one of your products or service, one way to generate additional revenue is to offer complementary ones.

In a way, the customer would be purchasing a premium version of the initial product. Furthermore, the customer himself will benefit since they will get access to better solutions that will help him achieve his objectives quicker with much less hassle.

“Thank you” Videos

“Thank you” videos are an extensive and compelling way to express gratitude to a customer. This is especially true considering that customers are not expecting anything after they have purchased your products or services.

In general, a “Thank you” video is a surefire way to further connect with your audience. They can also be personalized to include the customer’s name and other unique data related to them.

Customer Support Videos

Customer Support Videos provide a great way to perpetuate the engagement process with consumers. Even after they have made a purchasing decision and opted for your products, they may still need assistance.

Having a Customer Support Video can encompass many elements: from explaining your brand and products that they have not purchased, answering specific questions, to provide them with additional demo videos.

In conclusion, the goal of producing videos at this stage is to enhance customer experience and make them feel more comfortable with their decision to purchase your products. Furthermore, providing added value to that purchase can go a long way in further increasing sales revenues and profit margins, but most importantly cement the trust factor between both parties: your business and the customers.

After all, it’s called “delight” for a reason.