Video Marketing Funnel: Engage

At this point of the buyer’s journey, the prospective customer is aware of your business and its brand image, but they intend to know more. They want to seek additional information. More importantly, they are evaluating the different alternatives on the market and what will be the best solution that meets their needs.

b2b explainer video

In terms of a video marketing campaign, the key is giving them relevant and understandable information and further engaging with them. During this stage, your business must pick up the pace and increasingly build up its brand image. Quality is crucial both in terms of showcasing a message and/or telling a story.

Several videos can help reach those objectives and position your company halfway through a sale.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

These videos are very efficient when it comes to showcasing your company’s brand’s personality. More importantly, this video format humanizes it. As previously stated, people are social creatures. They want to connect with the faces behind the brand, and behind-the-scenes content is a great medium to do so. Furthermore, they allow your business to share exclusive insight of its brand image with the target audience, and make them in intimate part of the team. For example, promoting team culture can involve footage of the personnel working and having fun together. Your company can also include footage of the conception of a product and its release. These elements constitute the face behind your business’ brand, and can be brought to the forefront in the forms of a behind-the-scenes video. Another example can be a virtual tour of the company’s quarters. This format is a great way to transport the prospective customer into your business’ world and drive him further down the marketing funnel.

Q&A Videos

Q&A, or Questions and Answers Videos, or a great, compelling way to engage with your target audience and address their needs. At this stage, they still find themselves in need to raise a few common questions and obtain adequate answers. These questions can be the following: Why your products and services are the best ones on the market? How to effectively use them? In how many business days your company can ship them? Etc. This video format will enable your business to address said questions and objections head-on, and bring an added value to your brand image. They must provide, clear and detailed answers that the viewers and potential customers may have. Moreover, it shows the viewers that your business is constantly available to address their needs.

Training Videos

Training videos constitute a great way to not only further engage your audience, but educate them in a practical manner as well. Moreover, they are a cost-effective medium to train employees and to further integrate them into the company’s corporate culture. Training videos are also great for both prospective buyers and employees in terms of accessibility. Video content can be accessed from any place and at any time, and on any device.

Interactive Videos

At this stage, it is essential for your business to use interactive videos as a marketing tool. Interactive videos are very immersive and involve the viewers in the content itself. There are several layers of content and the viewer uncovers them by making decisions about what happens next, since they are in control. Just like Training Videos, this format is also available across multiple platforms, and can be accessed regardless of date and location.

In conclusion, your business’ goal at this stage is to get the prospective customer to view you as the solution to their problem. Your company must realize that the buyer is not only watching your content, but engaging and actively looking for your business. In other words, they are looking to associate with your brand. For each video you post at this stage, you want to pay attention to view rates and lead generation such as the acquisition of a phone number or an email address.

These elements will give your business a good idea of how users are interacting it and what they think of your brand image. The more your business enlarges its contact database, the more it will know that it is closing in on a sale, thus driving potential customers further down the funnel.