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Every video created falls in the video marketing funnel. In today’s fast-paced world, it is critical to find unique and creative ways to make your business’ products and/or services stand out from the competition, and capture the attention of your target audience.

Video Marketing is proving to be an effective and versatile marketing tool in order for your business to reach out both the prospects and customers.

Videos are the perfect mediums to create and build your own brand identity, enabling you to connect with viewers and earn their trust. The video marketing funnel uses the simple strategy of inbound marketing. Our sister company,, an inbound marketing agency covers Inbound Marketing in great length.

Putting the right video in front of the right audience at the right time requires a solid understanding of who your target audience is, and what pain points they have. Your business must also identify what types of videos work best at each stage of the video marketing funnel.

A large debate exists over whether an explainer video’s price affects its quality. Here’s what we have to say regarding this issue: animated explainer video price vs. quality is subjective! After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel can be best described as a system, or a process designed to attract and convert prospects into leads, and convert the latter into paying customers.

In other words, your business’ target audience is guided into a buying journey: from the initial stages when they learn about your business, up until the moment leads make a purchasing decision, and beyond.

When you think of a funnel, you normally visualize an object that’s wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. It is used for guiding liquid or other substances into a small opening. A marketing funnel works in a similar way. A big number of leads are guided into your business’ funnel and a smaller number come out of the narrow end, having purchased your product or your service.

Explainer videos are the perfect fit for B2B businesses for several reasons, including the former’s ability to capture and retain the audience’s attention in a matter of seconds, promote the company’s products and/or services in a non-intrusive way, and eventually even boost the company’s ROI thanks to B2B explainer videos‘ ability to greatly engage the audience with the content and convince them to make a purchasing decision in the company’s favor!

What are the Stages of the Video Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is comprised of 4 stages:

  • Attract : Your prospects become aware of a problem and start researching about it. At this stage, the prospects are still located at the TOP OF THE FUNNEL, or ToFu.
  • Engage: At this stage, your prospects have a clear idea of the problem and start looking for ways to effectively address it. At this stage, the prospects are turned into lead since they have demonstrated an interest in your business. They are thus located at the MIDDLE OF THE FUNNEL, or MoFu.
  • Close: At this stage, the leads have made a clear decision: Your business offers the best solutions to their problem. They are converted into paying customers. They are located at the BOTTOM OF THE FUNNEL, or BoFu.
  • Delight: At this stage, the customer has already purchased a product or service. Your business must continue to engage with the existing customers and strengthen their trust in you, as they continue to support your business by referring your brand to potential customers.

What Type of Videos to Use at Each Stage of the Video Marketing Funnel?

Video content can help your business guide prospects further down the marketing funnel. Video marketing is about creating valuable video content tailored to your target audience’ needs. It should attract, engage and close your potential customers.

Specific video types should be implemented depending on which stage the prospects are located in.

Attract Stage

During this stage, the key objective is to generate brand awareness. Your customers should be made aware of the presence of your business, as they are doing their due diligence and researching for potential solutions to their problem. At the top of the funnel, the most adequate video types can be the following:

Corporate/Brand Videos:

This video can tell your audience who you are as a business, and the value that you are going to provide to prospects should they choose to deal with your business. The main aim of corporate videos is to share your business’ values, mission, and ultimately your brand identity with your target audience.

FAQ Videos:

At the top of the funnel, prospects have a lot of questions to ask since they are researching their problem. Your business can make a short FAQ video that addresses those questions, and at the same time outline the products and services at your disposal.


At this stage, your goal is to provide your target audience something tangible. At this stage, prospects are interested in your business and what solutions it may offer. They are now leads. Your business should produce video content that encourages them to delve further down the funnel. Leads should be able to remember your brand and feel compelled to find out more about it.

Here is the quintessential video type needed at the middle of the funnel:

Explainer Videos:

Explainer videos are short videos that outline what kind of products and services your business is offering in a short, succinct and concise manner. Your business should also explain how leads can benefit from them, thus showcasing how they can effectively address their problems.

At this stage, it is extremely important to actually show the products and services. Leads cannot perceive your business as a problem solver if they do not actually see what it is that you are offering.


This is the most critical stage. Either leads are converted into paying customers or they are not. This is when your business should push the visual envelope and produce videos that showcase your products and services in action. Leads should ultimately be persuaded that it is your business that will offer the actual solution to their problems.

Perhaps the best video types that need to be produced at this stage should be the following:

Demo Videos:

Prospects want visual proof of the value that your products or services provide. Demonstration, or demo videos, will showcase them in action and will bring definite proof of their value and feasibility. They should ultimately compel leads to purchase them. Thus, your business converts them into paying customers.

Tutorial Videos:

Some viewers prefer to take matters into their own hands. They want to acquire a new skill as they are learning how to use a product or a service. Tutorial videos can be seen as instructional, walkthrough videos that help viewers complete a task.  Leads are then convinced that your brand is trustworthy and credible since you have effectively helped them address their buying problem.


At this stage, leads have now been converted into paying customers. At this stage, your business must continue engaging with customers as it guarantees the longevity of the connection, and maintains your business’ ongoing success. Paying customers are your business’ biggest advocates, since they refer it to other prospects.

Here is a video type that guarantees an ongoing engagement process with existing customers:

Customer “Thank You” Videos:

This video type will make your business’ existing customers feel special and valued. It celebrates the ongoing collaboration between them and your business’ brand. More importantly, this type of video does not contain an overt selling purpose. Its sole aim is to thank the customers for perceiving your business as the solution to their purchasing problems.

The popularity of videos is ever-increasing, and are bound to be adopted more and more by marketers and your competitors. The vast majority of both prospects and customers are visual learners. They prefer to interact with brands via video material instead of text-based content.

They must be provided with visual content that is appealing to them, hence the importance of implementing a video marketing strategy, particularly post-COVID.

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