Explainer Videos for Human Resource Training

Professional development has grown from being an option to an absolute must for enhancing a company’s talent management. It currently sits among the top three non-financial motivators for employees. 76 percent of employees express the need for career growth opportunities. In fact, it’s so valuable to employees that forty percent of those who receive poor training leave their jobs within the first year.

According to Great Place to Work, employee development has been identified by 2014’s best 100 companies as ‘’a top area of focus.’’ The company’s CEO, China Gorman, thinks that, “As companies grow and the war for talent intensifies, it is increasingly important that training and development programs are not only competitive, but are also supporting the organization on its defined strategic path”. This support that is brought on by professional development promotes employee satisfaction. It leads to a positive environment where the well-being of employees is valued and catered to.

Employee training HR Explainer videos easily identify and highlight organizational goals. They allow for an engaging and smooth learning process. Whether it is to highlight best business practices or teach a specific skill set, videos are able to deliver the most effective method for retaining this information. In other words, HR Explainer videos elevate your training to a whole new level!

Integrating video is the key to capitalizing on employee training and development programs. After 72 hours, individuals can still recall around 10 percent of text they’ve read, 65 percent of an image they’ve seen, and a surprising 95 percent of a video they’ve watched. So, be sure that whether your goal is to help your employees improve their skill set, or enhance their overall performance, using HR Explainer videos to train employees allows them to maximize productivity.

Every organization has its set of guidelines and core values that new hires should embody. Creating on-boarding videos instead of regular slideshows or documents allows employees to absorb the information effectively. These videos can, for example, break down the organization’s different divisions, its mission statement as well as its short-term and long-term goals.

The same example applies to illustrative HR explainer videos that explain how company products work; teaching employees tips and tricks, and answering popular inquiries. Sometimes, customers face trouble with understanding a product’s functions, or how a specific service can be valuable. Employees, especially customer service representatives, need to be the leading experts for addressing customers’ concerns satisfactorily.

A creative way of integrating video could be to create video tutorials to demonstrate how to complete everyday admin tasks (i.e. scheduling appointments, submitting payroll), learning how to use a database, or accessing the backend of a company’s website. A lot of time and energy is required to acclimate new hires yet the importance of these tasks is often underrated. HR explainer videos are modern day textbooks, accessible at any hour and as many times as needed.

According to a Forrester researcher, Philipp Karcher, “A growing number of content and collaboration professionals are interested in using webcasting and YouTube-like video portals internally for corporate communications and training.” This can be attributed to several reasons; cutting down costs, stimulating remote employee engagement, or providing a two-way communication that improves the magnitude of training goals and effectiveness.

Regardless of the avenue chosen, it is evident that integrating video within your company brings value not only to the employer but to the employees as well. Delivering information through video accelerates development of new hires, enhancing the overall quality of talent. Video delivery capitalizes on resources so efficiency can be maximized – translating to high profit growth.