What is a Product Explainer Video

What is a product explainer video?

Product explainer videos describe a product or service in a manner that is easy to understand and remember. Businesses are increasingly relying on product explainer videos to stand out from the competition not just because of their ability to engage customers, but also because we tend to remember videos we watch more than reading text.

Why consider product explainer videos?

A quick overview why product explainer videos are becoming increasingly in demand.

A Perfected Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is no longer something that you throw at your customers like a baseball thrown at a batter. For your pitch to be effective, it has to be two-way, to strike a conversation, where you answer your leads’ questions before they even ask. A product explainer video provides a practical solution to the points discussed in a video. A product explainer video helps you perfect your pitch and present it in a way that evokes interest in your potential customers.

Simplify Your Message

A product explainer video allows you to simplify your message and focus on what is important. Think of it this way: If you want to learn about how a product works, would you rather read 4 pages of text or watch a 2 minute video? If you’re not a lawyer or doctor, you will most likely choose the latter. And there’s a reason. Product explainer videos describe your product and how it works in a very efficient and easy to remember manner.

Better Retention & Engagement

A few quick overview of statistics indicating why marketers use videos to engage audiences.
90% of marketers told HubSpot of increase in competition, thus coming under pressure to create great quality marketing videos.

A small biz trend stats showcases the fact that social videos generate up to 1200% more shares.
For businesses, as per Tubular Insights, views for sponsored videos have increased by 258% since 2016.
A picture is worth a thousand words and according to a research by Forrester quoted on Forbes, a 60 second video is worth 1.8 million words.

All these vital stats point to the effectiveness of video marketing in better engaging your audience.
Increase in competition for business marketing means brands not using videos will be left behind.
Even smaller businesses understand and appreciate the impact of videos in effective marketing.
Lastly, if a video of 60 seconds is worth 1.8 million words, a product explainer of one to two minutes long will enable your business to easily explain concepts, products, and services.

Build Brand Loyalty

Here a few ways you can use to build brand equity for your business.

Customer Testimonial Videos

A great way to build brand loyalty is to create customer testimonial videos vouching for your products. These videos help instill greater confidence and trust among potential customers.

Story Built Around Your Brand

Cornerstone videos can also be made to help build a great foundation for your brand. You can focus on building your brand’s identity including your vision, mission, and goals.

Directly Engage Customers

There are several ways to directly engage your customers, examples include the following. You can compare products to let them know why customers prefer your brand. Explainer videos also include use of the product, its salient features, and how it helps customers. Answer frequently asked questions by customers to answer any concerns they may have.

Product Explainer Video
Product Explainer Video

Practical Tips to Make a Perfect Product Explainer Video

Some practical tips to perfect your product explainer video.

I’m breaking the 4th wall for a second because I just experienced what literature geeks like myself refer to as a stream on consciousness. I’m currently fixing a few issues with this old blog post and it hit me that using videos to promote a product is very similar to using one to educate students… While the former is basically teaching viewers a specific product’s information, the latter is teaching viewers a specific educational concept! This got me excited so I’ll link our animated educational videos blog post. Now that this is done, back to product explainer videos.

Avoid Making it Too Long

Unnecessary long videos are just outright boring, they fail to deliver the message. For example, viewers are likely to watch 1 to 2 minutes videos. Videos longer than that duration would mean losing interest of your audience..

Don’t Overload Your Audience with too much Information

One of the most common video marketing mistakes is to overload your customers with too much information. Thus, you need to pace your message while leaving some things for the customer to figure out by themselves.
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