Startup Explainer Videos

Forge your own identity; create brand awareness for your startup and reveal it to the world.

What Is A Startup Explainer Video?

A startup explainer video is an explainer video created for startup companies to showcase their new products or services. In the launch phase of business’s lifecycle, the main purpose of the marketing campaign is introducing a new product or service to put your company on the map and establish yourself as a strong competitor in the market. That is not an easy task. You need to set your product apart and promote it in a compelling, yet affordable way. More importantly, you need to make sure people understand how your product or service works. For a catchy and clear demonstration, video animation for startups proves to be vital in a developing company’s marketing plan.

Benefits of Using Startup Explainer Videos


Introduce Your Brand to the World and Tell Your Story

First impressions are very important, and they last a very long time. That is why it is crucial that you put your best foot forward when it comes to introducing your brand. A well-made explainer video can be the kickstart that helps your startup take off in the right direction. Explainer videos for startups are the key to telling your business’s story, choosing exactly what you want to share with the world about your brand, and establishing the first building block in your relationship with your customers.


Introducing a New Product or Service

Creating a distinguished product or service is the first step in achieving good sales numbers. The next thing you need is an equally exceptional method to simultaneously introduce your product or service to customers and explain how they are used. Startup video production serves more than one purpose for new businesses. A startup explainer video illustrates how a product or service is used while highlighting its exclusive features and presenting your brand to the exact target audience your company is seeking


Minimal Customer-Acquisition Costs

When a company is still starting up, every penny counts. A startup must get the most value out of every dollar spent on marketing. It needs to gain the biggest number of customers with the least possible customer-acquisition costs. All the money spent on persuading a new customer to buy your product or service is included in the customer-acquisition costs, like marketing and advertising expenditures. A professionally made startup explainer video helps you reach a larger customer base and convert as many leads as possible without spending as much money as other marketing means


Raising Awareness of Your Brand

When used on the right platforms, startup explainer videos can be the face of your business. The best startup explainer videos work on raising awareness of your brand, inducing positive feelings in your customers, and influencing how they feel when they think of your brand. Using the multisensory approach to stimulate the customers’ senses, a startup explainer video increases understanding and stirs deep emotions in customers to enhance familiarity and brand perception


Highlighting the Uniqueness of Your Brand

Explainer videos for startups are considered one of the best marketing tools for a reason. Creating an explainer video is more than just downloading and using video-making software. Customized scripts and voiceovers, along with the right choice of the music and narration, emphasize the exclusively designed graphics and highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Hiring a professional startup animation studio to create an explainer video is a great choice for startups because they can help you portray the individuality of your product or service while simultaneously explaining how it is used.


Increasing Conversions and Sales

Every business strives to increase its sales numbers each quarter. They set a certain percentage of increase and work hard to achieve it. Nothing can help a business reach that target better than adding an engaging explainer video to their marketing campaign, promoting the company’s products or services, and showing real-life satisfied customers.

What Type of Animation Is the Most Suitable for Your Startup?

3D Animation

3D animation is perfect for making explainer videos for businesses who want to explain the functionality of their product to existing and potential customers. The 3D element in an animated business video provides clarity in explanation and enjoyment in watching. Viewers find it very easy to follow instructions when watching 3D animations. A product’s appeal can also be accentuated using 3D animation, which provides both explanation and promotion.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is one of the most mesmerizing forms of animation used in making animated business videos. It is great for story-telling using black and white illustrations seemingly drawn by an invisible hand to progress effortlessly through a story. They have reasonable production costs and high effectiveness, which makes them an excellent choice for startups trying to increase conversions and sales.

2D Animation

2D videos are the most common type of animated video used by businesses. The 2D animation appeal lies in the broad range of its characters and story. There is limitless room for creativity with 2D animation. Any type of company or organization can benefit from a 2D animated explainer video describing its products or services. 2D animation guarantees that the audience receives the campaign messages clearly. Successful marketing campaign videos achieve this by employing relatable characters and relationships along with an adequate text to send subliminal messages to customers.


Live-action explainer video is a type of explainer video where filming actors, or real characters, are filmed outdoors or in a studio using a camera. It is a simple yet powerful type of explainer video. Its strongest advantage is that filming real people in real circumstances is great for establishing a connection with the viewer and creating relatability. Live action videos are greatly accentuated by a smart script and are ideal for showing real-life such as satisfied customers Here at VerveVideos, we understand the challenge of startup companies succeeding, and we provide special rates for startup explainer videos to help startup companies take off and become established, thriving companies.