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What Is a Video Landing Page ?

What Is a Video Landing Page ?

A video landing page is a landing page that contains a video about the main topic under discussion. It increases the level of engagement and conversions by up to 20%. People’s short attention span is the most important reason why you need to create a video landing page.

Reasons to Use a Video Landing Page

Let us look at a few of the reasons why you should consider creating a video landing page.

  • Increase Stay Time and Achieve a Better Ranking

Stats of a website like bounce rate, page views per session, and stay time are important indicators for search engines to rank a website. An animated landing video page helps increase the stay time, leaving a great impression on search engines when ranking your website against your business-fetching keywords.

  • Featuring an Employee in Videos Increases Trust

Videos also provide your business with an opportunity to showcase your staff members talking about your company’s product or service. Research indicates that the use of real humans creates more trust among customers. Increase in trust leads to greater chances of making a purchase or acting upon a call to action given on the landing page.

  • Videos Are Easy on the Eye

When a user lands on a web page, they want to instantly get the information they require. Text is lengthy and requires more space on a website, for which users have to scroll down. A key priority for online marketers who use landing pages for marketing is to keep the scroll short. When you use a video landing page, the users are able to get all the information in one place without having to scroll down.

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Video Landing Page 

Video Landing Page


How to Make Video Landing Pages More Effective?

A few tips to maximize the marketing potential of your video landing page.

A User-Focused Script

A script is not written to showcase what your business is good at; instead, it caters to the expectations of potential customers. It can involve an element of fun, a bit of surprise, and having the ability to connect with your potential customers at an emotional level. Try using a conversational style, as if you are speaking directly to your audience. Smart companies choose to tell interesting stories instead of trying a hard sell of their products or services.

Stay on Point

Don’t try to write a lengthy script for your animated video. Instead, remain focused on the main takeaways that you need to deliver. That means your video needs to be planned with a beginning, a middle, and a definite end. When your video stays on topic, your audience can get a few takeaways at the end of the video.

Share the Video on YouTube and Other Video-Sharing Platforms

Do not curtail the reach of your animated video to your landing page. Upload it to well-known video-sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch. Provide a detailed description for each of your videos, so that search engines can show it to relevant audiences searching online for products or services similar to what you offer.

Add Call to Action at the End

A video must not have a dead end. A dead-end refers to a video ending with just a Thank You note. The ending must include contact information for your company. This may include a phone number, email address, social media links, and any other information that can make it easy for customers to reach your organization. creates audience-centric animated explainer videos. Some of the organizations we collaborated with include the City of Mississauga, Hershey’s Kisses, and Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop an email [email protected].

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