eLearning is learning using electronic devices, mostly accessing educational material via the internet. eLearning video has been gaining more and more popularity, not just with school and university students, but with major corporations and businesses too. Schools and universities use eLearning as a means for students and academic staff to communicate online and use eLearning explainer videos to deliver educational material and online courses. People can complete diplomas and even get their Masters and PhDs on the internet. In the business world, an eLearning explainer video is a type of explainer video that uses any type of animation or live-action to explain how a product or service is used and to provide all types of educational content, like corporate training and policies, in a brief and memorable way.

Types of E-Learning Explainer Videos

1. Typography E-Learning Explainer Videos

Typography is the simplest way to make eLearning explainer videos. Using text or typography to create eLearning videos is an easy, but effective, way to convey information. Typography is especially useful in creating explainer videos for topics that have a lot of information or statistics, like a sales proposal or a budget presentation. Highlighting the most important text makes it stand out and linger in the minds of the viewers. Typography could also be incorporated with other types of animation to add visual stimulation to the words, along with accompanying voiceover, to make sure all the details about your product or service are fully understood and remembered.

2. Live-Action E-Learning Explainer Videos

Live-action is an explainer video made by filming outdoors or in a studio using a camera; it is a simple yet powerful type of explainer video. For students, live-action eLearning explainer videos provide a classroom-like experience. For businesses, its strongest advantage is that filming real people in real situations is not only great for explaining but also for establishing a connection with the viewer and creating relatability.

3. Whiteboard E-Learning Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animation is very effective in delivering educational content as it unravels the subject of the explainer video gradually by a hand drawing the process. Whiteboard eLearning explainer videos work well for businesses on two fronts: both the explanation and promotion of any product or service.

4. 2D Animated E-Learning Explainer Videos

2D animated videos are the most commonly used type of animated video for business. Its appeal lies in its characters and story. Any type of company or organization can benefit from a 2D animated explainer video describing their products or services. E-learning video production for businesses is ideal for delivering information in an entertaining way, adding an interactive element to the explainer video. Interactive video learning involves incorporating animation with text, music, and subtitles to serve as stimuli to the viewer’s memories and increase the retention of information.

5. 3D Animated E-Learning Explainer Videos

3D animation is perfect for making eLearning explainer videos for businesses looking to explain to existing and potential customers how to use their products. The 3D element in an animated business video provides clarity in explanation. Viewers find it very easy to follow instructions when they are shown in 3D. A product’s unique features and appeal can be highlighted using 3D animation. 3D animation adds a stimulating aspect to the eLearning explainer video and thus, increases its effectiveness. The more senses an eLearning video stimulates, the more information is retained. Using 3D animation in creating animated videos for eLearning and the explanation of products or services aids in the interaction and stimulation of the senses and memory, which translates to higher information retention, a stronger connection with customers, and ultimately an increase in sales.

Uses of E-Learning Explainer Videos

Statistics show that by the year 2022, 98% of organizations would be implementing video as part of their digital learning strategy. Here is how you too could start using video in eLearning.

Internal Staff Training

Providing sufficient, and equal, training to all staff members can be a challenge in terms of time and money. Scheduling a suitable time that suits everyone, finding a competent trainer, and finding an available location for the training sessions are some of the many issues with traditional training methods. That is what has compelled companies to start using videos in eLearning and training of their employees.

Training Personnel around the World

Having offices, branches, and franchises around the globe is both rewarding and demanding. You need to have equally qualified staff in all branches in all the countries. Sending trainers to each location can be very costly and impractical. Creating an eLearning video can make sure all staff members in any place on the planet receive the same training, maintaining the company’s standards, and saving money.

Explaining New Products or Services to Customers Using an eLearning Video

People retain up to 90% of the message in a video, compared to only 10% of what they read in the text. Not only will producing an explainer video for your products or services increase customers’ understanding and consequently purchasing but also adding a video to your landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, which in turn translates to an increase in sales.

E-Learning Videos VerveVideos Has Collaborated On

Here are some of the eLearning video projects VerveVideos has completed.

Zayed University

This is one of the most important animated videos for eLearning we have produced because it tackles a serious global issue: bullying. We used a relatable character, Sammy, and explained the problem in reverse by first showing the consequences bullying has had on Sammy, like spending a lot of time alone and his grades going down, then linking them to bullying. The eLearning video also uses text and statistics to show the gravity of the issue discussed.


Realizing the value of interactive video eLearning, VerveVideos created an animated explainer video to highlight the benefits. Instead of just explaining the uses of eLearning videos, VerveVideos demonstrated its advantages and effectiveness in an animated video, using well-made graphics, a thorough script, and a friendly male voiceover.

Emotional Intelligence Strategies

That was a complex topic made easy by an eLearning video. Using simple graphics, typography, and music, VerveVideos broke down the emotional intelligence strategies using a detailed script and highlighting the words crucial to understanding.