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Animated Explainer Video Styles

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are efficient to explain information and share with your consumers: the product’s specs, its price, how it enriches their lives.

Animated Corporate Videos

Explainer videos are efficient to explain information and share with your consumers: the product’s specs, its price, how it enriches their lives

Animated Tutorial Videos

The process of interacting with your customers will ultimately involve the transfer of knowledge. One of the most effective methods used to guarantee that transfer is through tutorial explainer videos.

Animated Demo Videos

Demo videos help showcase how your product or service works. Simple and to the point.

We had a really successful event and everyone LOVED the video.

Sarah Cooper - Global Affairs Canada


Stories We Created

Government of Canada

Creating a video with Global Affairs Canada was such an exciting experience. The purpose of the video is to show the hard work and dedication the team has put during the pandemic.

City of Mississauga

We collaborated with Canada’s 6th largest city, as part of the Mayor’s campaign, “Mississauga Matters”, advocating for residents and encouraging them to vote in the Provincial election.


Hershey’s reached out to us to animate a 170 PowerPoint presentation. The objective of the video was to be shared internally with company executives. Due to confidentiality, we’re sharing a 30 second snippet.

What is the purpose of your video?


Got a product or service you’re looking to introduce to the world? You’ve reached the right spot.


People know about you, but want them to learn more about how a specific product or service works? This one is for you.


They know who you are and what you do. They need a small push to close the deal. 


People know about you, but want them to learn more about how a specific product or service works? This one is for you.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video company is designed to describe your product or service in a way that will make your target audience understand in less than 2 minutes. That is a short definition of an Explainer video. But let’s dig deeper, shall we?

You have probably seen them around the realm of business; they assist in manifesting what a business actually does, and are generally abbreviated and engaging videos that attract your audience long enough to exhibit your business, idea, product, service, and so on.

Explainer videos can dense your profoundly complex ideas into a brief greatly employed that even a stranger could easily apprehend although they have no acquaintance of or any know-how with your business.

Why Animated Explainer Videos

We custom-create every explainer video in house, allowing you to personalize yours down to the animation style. Our animated explainer videos deliver higher ROI, engage your audience, and set you apart from the competition. We value the uniqueness of each brand, we make sure to never compromise on quality output, we will ensure that the animated videos are dynamic, fun, concise, straight to the point, and will convey the desired message that your business is promoting. We will showcase your product in a way that will captivate your audience and leave them with a smile. 

Why Animated Explainer Videos with​

Explainer Videos
Convert Leads to Clients, Fast

Explainer Videos Convert Leads to Clients, Fast ​

Animated explainer videos speed the decision-making process to purchase your product and service. When a lead is in the consideration stage and still has questions about your brand, they look for the quickest way to get answers. An explainer video sums up your story in the most concise yet impactful way, accelerating the conversion time.Thus, easing the understanding process of your product or service, expand the customer base, and increase revenues.

Explainer Videos
Boosts Memory Retention

By definition, retention is the concept of keeping something, such as a piece of information, musical lyrics, speeches etc., in one’s memory. From a scientific and biological standpoint, videos are a more efficient and better story-telling medium than traditional text-based marketing tools, thereby boosting retention. An animated explainer video uses the brain’s multi-sensory receptors, enabling it to absorb and retain more information. By simultaneously hearing sound, watching motion graphics, and reading text, we create a learning experience that engages more of our senses, allowing for information to be absorbed for a longer period of time. This is why more people remember what they learn from watching a video, rather than reading text. creates videos that enable the viewer to powerfully connect with the product/service, enable you to cultivate and convert new consumers, and as a result, will define and reinforce the brand image of your business.

Interesting Facts About Animated Explainer Videos

Interesting Facts About Animated Explainer Videos ​

What Are the Major Differences
between Explainer Videos and Traditional Advertising?

In appearance, Explainer videos may seem like merely another advertisement. Present a video to get more buyers to purchase your products or services, right? The chief distinction between the two is that explained and elucidated videos are much more centered on delivering information and understanding that it is less about selling the idea, and more about resolving a complication that you might be encountering daily.

What are some Clues
that Make an Absolutely Adept Explainer Video?

Several hallmarks will surely make a Successful Explainer Video , here are a few:



People have a short attention span, and if they are not interested in your business, to begin with, it is your job to make them care. And fast.



Professional and adequate Explainer videos should surely be under 3 minutes, even best if below 2 minutes and it would be ideal if it can be done in 90 seconds, give or take.

animated explainer video company


Your Animated Explainer video company may be the initial exposure that your viewers have to your business or brand. If so, your Explainer video will have to faze their impression, and that’s the reason why most choose to make their videos having a sort of an upbeat and energetic kind of vibe



At the end of your Explainer video, when background music or sound effects are played depending on the mood, tell your audience what to do: Sign up now, subscribe here, and whatnot.

Direct and Effective​

Direct and Effective


It is crucial to keep in mind that in an Explainer video, you are not portraying to your audience every specific aspect about your business, yet only what they need to know upon their first time hearing you out. 



We can also include, whether you are employing either animation or motion graphics, things will be flowing rather rapidly, and hence you will not be able to take the time to work on lip-sing and/or mouth movement dialogue. As a substitute, it is much preferable to have someone who can walk the audience through the varied phases of your Explainer video, such as a voice-over.

Why do you need an Animated Explainer Video Company and how will it Boost Your Sales?


Animated Explainer Video company is indispensable to your content approach as they are minuscule and memorable. Being strictly visual, your videos can represent complex concepts and make them seem super easy.


Explainer Videos boost conversation rates, and it’s terrific to add to your email campaigns. Furthermore, search engines emphasize videos, and last but not least, videos encourage social share.


This trendy strategy has a bundle of benefits, which we have already reviewed (and can go on forever), from increasing traffic to building revenue. A company needs a manifold of keys to flourish: Visionary management, an awesome contribution, unparalleled services.


Nonetheless, in the present-day’s marketing world, what your brand lacks is a story. 

  • Stories make way better marketing because they provoke emotion. 
  • They can determine who we trust, exploit sentimentality, and assist us to make sense of intricate information.

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