People are more likely to buy your product if you include a video explaining what it does.

We create smart, engaging, and memorable Explainer Videos that tell your story.

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Animated Explainer Videos, explained.

Animated Explainer Videos

Tell your story with a short animated explainer video. Whether you’re explaining a product or service to clients, training your team on a new process, or have a business idea you want the world to know about, a quick and concise animated explainer video is your go-to solution.

Animated Tutorial Video

Walk your client through your product or service with a step-by-step animated tutorial video. A how-to video is the best way to simplify your instructions. By educating customers on your product, animated tutorial video gives your clients direction, earning you less time troubleshooting.

Startup Explainer Video

What good is launching if no one knows about your awesome startup? With a Startup Explainer Video, seize the opportunity to introduce what you’re all about and make an effective first impression on partners and clients. Your landing page is the perfect place to house your startup explainer video.

Animated Corporate Video

An animated corporate video is your chance to introduce your corporate strategy or flaunt your performance achievements at your upcoming general meeting. If you’re looking for a message-driven brand video, animated training videos, or an animated corporate video for conferences and exhibits, we have your back.

Stories We’ve Told

City of Mississauga

We collaborated with Canada’s 6th largest city, as part of the Mayor’s campaign, “Mississauga Matters”, advocating for residents and encouraging them to vote in the Provincial election.


Hershey’s reached out to us to animate a 170 PowerPoint presentation. The objective of the video was to be shared internally with company executives.  Due to confidentiality, we’re sharing a 30 second snippet.

5 Signs You’re Smarter than Average. Collaborating with, this is one of 3 videos we created based on their blogs that were published to the website.

Why Animated Explainer Videos by

We custom-create every explainer video in house, allowing you to personalize yours down to the animation style. Our animated explainer videos deliver higher ROI, engage your audience, and set you apart from the competition.

Explainer Videos Convert Leads to Clients, Fast

Animated explainer videos speed the decision-making process to purchase your product and service. When a lead is in the consideration stage and still has questions about your brand, they look for the quickest way to get answers. An explainer video sums up your story in the most concise yet impactful way, accelerating the conversion time.

Explainer Videos Boosts Memory Retention

An animated explainer video uses the brain’s multi-sensory receptors, enabling it to absorb and retain more information. By simultaneously hearing sound, watching motion graphics, and reading text, we create a learning experience that engages more of our senses, allowing for information to be absorbed for a longer period of time. This is why more people remember what they learn from watching a video, rather than reading text.

Some Interesting Facts About Animated Explainer Videos

  • 85% of businesses consider videos an essential component of their online marketing strategy.
  • 82% of businesses that used product explainer videos would reuse them for promoting their products.
  • 78% of the online marketers believe they get better ROI using animated explainer videos.

Are you ready to wow your clients?
We’re ready to wow you.

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Are you ready to wow your clients and sell more?
We’re ready to wow you.

Are you ready to wow your clients and sell more?
We’re ready to wow you.

Are you ready to wow your clients and sell more?
We’re ready to wow you.

Are you ready to wow your clients and sell more?
We’re ready to wow you.